Neuroscientists Hit the Top of the Music Charts

Song to Reduce Anxiety by 65%

Many factors these days all add to our anxiety resulting in people being threatened by deep feelings of insecurity. It’s hard to mature in this atmosphere and it is quite unsurprising that our frantic lifestyles cause anxiety.

Neuroscientists have found a song that reduces anxiety by 65%, and it is currently going viral (LISTEN).
Stress and anxiety are the horrible sensations of panic, concern, worry and dread. It is so common that over 30% of individuals in between the ages of 18 and 54 are influenced by anxiety disorders in the United States alone, where research has been carried out.

According to a well known journal, “the rise of innovation, overly-protective parenting and also ‘exam-factory’ education are among the reasons psychologists blame for our generational agony.”.
It involves not only the workplace but also the education and learning system. Stress and anxiety have actually been reported to hold in its grasp 41 percent of staff members from various sectors. Currently the majority of college students are seeking assistance with their stress and anxiety problems.

The song below is unique as it not only reduces anxiousness by 65%, it also causes an exceptional state of peace. Before we get to the song, I will give you a quick introduction to stress and anxiety as well as how to battle against it.

It’s clear that stress and anxiety has ended up being the top mental health issue in North America and probably the world over. People with anxiety are 3-5 times more likely to consult a medical professional as well as 6 times more likely to be hospitalised for anxiety-related psychiatric conditions than non-sufferers.

An additional problem that causes stress and anxiety currently is the frustrating number of choices we all have to make. While this is the bi-product of financial progress and the development of innovation, having myriad selections makes it difficult to make decisions. When there’s so much stress on people’s self-esteem with our society seeming to evaluate peoples’ every move, this trouble is especially intense at certain times in our lives.

Pharmaceutical companies do especially well out of this, with 65% of North Americans taking prescription drugs everyday and also 43% taking state of mind modifying prescriptions longterm.

How can you fight against anxiety?

The standard techniques of dealing with anxiety are drugs as and counselling.

Another approach to generating feelings of relaxation that isn’t often cited is music therapy.

Neuroscientists have developed a tune that, established in collaboration with sound therapists, causes a deeper state of calm in the listener than all other songs that have ever been analysed.

Produced in collaboration with audio specialists, the tune is made to slow down the heart rate, lower high blood pressure as well as lower levels of anxiety.

Tests reveal that paying attention to this track causes a significant 65% decrease in an individuals’s general anxiety levels.

The name of the song is ‘Weightless’ and was created by Marconi Union

Here is the track. Make certain to listen with headphones. Please consider sharing the song with someone who you think would like listening to it.

Nevertheless, in most cases regular practice that leads to a state of relaxation is an very effective way of taking care of your anxiety levels. Techniques that improve your relaxation are massage therapy, meditation and yoga exercise.

How cool is that? There is a 30 minute version and a 10-hour one on YouTube.

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    Can Mindfulness be the Answer?

    How MMMellowing Can Change Your Life

    Present study approximates that the ordinary individual has more than 60,000 ideas each day, 90 percent which are duplications of our ideas from the other day. Individuals invest practically half their time stressing, and also 90 percent of those fears never ever come real.

    On the other hand, the majority of us could keep in mind those remarkable minutes when we experienced unbound love, stimulating our knowledge as well as understanding; the minutes when we really felt complete consistency with the world around us as well as consistency within ourselves, if we might just handle our agitated mind as well as use it with higher efficiency in the existing moment!

    Discovering and also exercising reflection could free us from unneeded fears as well as improve our assumptions. Different reflection practices exist around the globe. They could be approximately split into 4 wide classifications: focus reflection, reflective understanding, mindfulness reflection and also innovative reflection.

    Focus reflection:

    Via our capability to focus, the mind could obtain higher quality, tranquility as well as security to ensure that complication, stress, and anxiety and also the absence of focus become troubles of the past. Additionally, the focus is made use of in the various other significant types of reflection– mindfulness, reflective, and also imaginative. Additionally, the power of focus is used to establish psychic capacities for some individuals.

    Focus reflection is the basis for all various other kinds of arbitration. The mind functions. The focused mind could end up being an effective provider of our good intentions.

    Insight Reflection:

    Reflective reflection could be specified as self-disciplined reasoning. This kind of reflection is generally made use of for obtaining higher understandings into the nature of death, life, the definition of existence, or the inquiry into your very own psychological pursuits, be it connections, a clinical problem, or everyday troubles.

    neon meditating manMindfulness Reflection:

    Most of our troubles emerge from our absence of understanding as well as mindless activities in our lives. The method of mindfulness can boost emphasis and also focus, improve the top quality of our interaction, take care of anxiety, enhance our performance and also build confidence.

    Mindfulness is a state of understanding in the moment when your mind is kicked back and mindful of your experience. These consist of sensations and ideas, feelings. Along with maintaining  correct breathing, we can gain a perspective of non-resistance as well as equanimity. Therefore, you could experience whatever is there without self-criticism or clinging to your old desires.

    Innovative reflection:

    Our subconscious mind does not recognize the difference between real-life as well as creative stimulations. An impact could last just seconds, the subconscious mind could cause comparable psychological as well as emotional responses consistently. Therefore, by bringing preferable psychologically produced images right into our awareness, we could work out efficient control over our creativity as well as affect the favorable qualities of our mind.

    While focus and also mindfulness bring even more emphasis and also understanding into our lives, imaginative reflection assists us to change and also use the routines of the mind with higher effectiveness. Innovative visualization, one of the techniques of innovative reflection, could aid us with satisfying individual needs, such as doing well in specialist areas of life or enjoyment of hobbies.

    With the thorough technique of reflection, your mind will develop clarity and be much clearer, as well as effective. You will certainly be able to use it to any kind of job or task employing mindfulness enhancing performance.

    Most of us understand that we could educate our body as well as slowly develop endurance and versatility by exercising on a regular basis. The exact same policies hold true for the mind; much research has actually shown that it is feasible to establish higher knowledge, creative thinking, and also various other mental capacities. With the thorough technique of reflection, your mind will certainly end up becoming extra clear, decisive and effective. Likewise you will certainly gain the ability to use it for any kind of job or task with mindfulness as well as increased level of performance.

    Furthermore, focus is made use of in the various other significant kinds of reflection–mindfulness, reflective, and also imaginative. While focus ands mindfulness bring more emphasis and understanding into our lives, imaginative reflection aids us to change and also use the behaviours of the mind with better effectiveness. Innovative reflection could assist us with creating as well, enhancing specific top qualities of our nature. Innovative visualization could aid us with satisfying individual wishes, such as prospering in some chosen expertise or bringing joy to everyday life.

    Don’t miss the video below.

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      8 Questions to Your Sanity

      8 Questions to Your Sanity


      Learn a bit more about yourself with this checkup:

                       Mindfulness Quiz

      Here is a quick weather check on your feelings at the moment  —

        1. Do you feel frazzled most of the time?

      Yes No

        1. Do you rush from home to work and home again?

      Yes No

        1. Do you dread opening your inbox?

      Yes No

        1. Have you given up old hobbies because of pressure of work?

      Yes No

        1. Do you often feel you are just not good enough?

      Yes No

        1. Do you lose sleep at night for ideas going round and round in your head?

      Yes No

        1. Are you impatient and cross with family and friends because you feel tense?

      Yes No

        1. Are you eating or drinking more than you used to?

      Yes No

      If you say YES to three or more, you need Mindfulness Way to Happiness in your life. OR you answer none?

      If the answer is none, then I think you are kidding yourself.

      You can feel better quickly with Mindfulness.


      Tracy Fryer

      Mindfulness of Babies

      Babies show Beginner’s Mindfulness Naturally


      Aren’t babies delightful? Yes and no, depending. But all normal babies have this trait, much as it drives their carers crazy sometimes…



      This is one technique in your Mindfulness toolbox you will appreciate as much as I do. The true Mindfulness beginner is a baby from about one year old onwards. This kind of awareness often ends or is snuffed out by the time a child goes to school. Perhaps not always.


      Matilda staring at the goats

      With the practice of Mindfulness, we want to fan those embers of a long-lost sense of discovery that was natural to us when we were young and curious. Look at this photo of my granddaughter. The flower we pass by holds a riveting fascination for her. She is trying to understand everything she can see, feel, touch and if she can get away with it, taste. She doesn’t hear anyone calling her, she is so focused.

      When we are out and about, we may think there is nothing we haven’t seen before. Put your mind to searching something to investigate with Beginner’s Mind. I am sure you will succeed.

      It doesn’t have to be a living thing. When I stand at the bus stop these winter months, I look up to spot the highest leaf still clinging to the branch or watch a particular bird singing its heart out. Or the way the stones fit together on the wall over the road and discovering there used to be a door there.

      You may find yourself sensing wonder and delight deriving from this new/old way of looking. With luck, this feeling will remain with you and you will try it again and again.

      It’s not often we can learn from a baby!



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        A Formal Mindfulness Practice

        The second type of Mindfulness Practice

        I haven’t pushed this aspect of Mindfulness mainly because I don’t want to scare off people who would benefit from learning this practice. These are the ones who are leaning towards trying the practice but are still suspicious of the stereotypes of the hippy or the ninja mentioned in the Science or WooWoo page mentioned earlier.

        The most formal postures for meditating require sitting on the floor or support and resting your palms together. I have never done that.


        But if you are comfortable this way, that is fine. I have not sat with others doing this perhaps because I am getting on and we might not be able to get up!

        CHAIR – Formal Mindfulness practice is usually done sitting on a chair. Curiously I haven’t been able to find a good photo (still looking) of the typical Mindfulness meditator. Think about it as I explain:

        An upright chair is best with or without a back. When you sit, your bottom wants to be halfway forward on the seat of the chair. Your position is dignified but not tight. Feel as though you are being gently pulled upwards by a cord on your head but don’t stretch.

        What you want to achieve is a posture of attention to this moment.

        Having said that, when I was new to meditating I could not sit long before I would get a shooting pain down the right side of my back. That did not do much to encourage me to carry on. More advanced meditation can banish the pain.

        What novices can do is mindfully shift position to feel the discomfort less. The second method and I often resorted to this in the early days, is to get a cushion behind my back for support.

        Wonderfully, you can eventually train your back, perhaps with the help of some stretching exercise. But the pain will go away anyway with time.

        HANDS – These may lie on your knees or be cupped one inside the other in your lap.

        FEET – These should be flat on the floor. This is difficult for a shortie like me. Sometimes another piece of furniture works for me – not a puffed up sofa! I often use a small table.

        Your hips should be a little bit higher than your knees, ideally.

        EYES – These can be open and gazing unfocused on the floor in front of you. Otherwise, close them. Personally, I prefer closed because I am less apt to be distracted by things around me.

        REMEMBER – You are wanting to be in the moment, not wanting to change anything, neither concerning thoughts of the past or future without judging yourself.

        This is the first moment of this time sitting even if you have done it millions of times before. The sense of newness is palpable. But if you do not feel a thing, don’t give yourself a hard time. It’s fine. Every time you remember that your mind has wandered, that is your opportunity to practice escorting the mind back to the breath or body.

        That is Mindfulness, the returning.

        That’s already starting to strengthen that ‘muscle’ that you are trying to exercise and develop. Fantastic. This is good enough to practice for ages.

        You can also do this waiting in line for the bus or at the supermarket or be waiting for the lights to change, anywhere you might otherwise feel frustrated or grouchy.

        When you are done after 10 minutes or whenever the queue starts to move, ask yourself how that felt.

        And please tell me too.



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