Overview of My Mindfulness Practice – One person’s Way to Happiness through Mindfulness Exercises

Hello – I am really glad you have found my blog. For a long time I was feeling lonely. But not anymore since people are discovering my content.

Study the two images on this page.

The top one, although very striking and colourful, is busy, busy, busy. It makes a good comparison with a typical busy person. Going here and there, short stays and long stays in places but never slowing down. This person is just managing to keep all the plates spinning, timing is all. Most people live like this. Do you recognise yourself here?

Calm waterside wooden dock

The second image is a smooth and tranquil dockside the invites you to stroll out to the end. Will you dive in? Do you mean to go somewhere else. Are you by yourself. Is it pleasant? How does this picture make you feel?
This picture used to be my Homepage. I thought people would look at it and say, “I wish I could be like that.” I am like that at the end of the day when I am comfied up with a G&T and a great read. That’s rare.

Until a couple of years ago… I had a Eureka moment. I felt, looking at the dock picture, “I can never be like that.” My day is still so full, even with practicing mindfulness.

That busy picture is still mostly me after pursuing mindfulness for eight years. What has changed is mindfulness helps put busyness into perspective. I use mindful techniques to neutralise problems so I can solve constructively and creatively without the need to panic or run away. I have stopped trying to do two or more things at the same time.

Mindfulness has had my back during treatment for cancer an several bouts of crippling depression. You may read about these trials later on.

So I extend a hearty welcome. I do hope you will find this blog interesting. Please feel free to comment or give alternative views on any of the posts. That will help me know about other topics for discussion.

All the best, Tracy