Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation proven through Scientific Research

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Margaret Fryer

Is Mindfulness Science or Woo Woo?

   Mindfulness researchers What have you heard about Mindfulness? Do you think that there is any sound basis for Mindfulness…

Margaret Fryer

Baking Your Way to Calm

Mindfulness Baking Therapy - YUM As well as helping individuals tackle some their bad habits, Mindfulness can enhance any activity…

Margaret Fryer

Happiness is easier to gain if you practice Mindfulness Meditation

DREADED HABITS SOLVED WITH MEDITATION Hello fellow bloggers and Mindfulness peeps, This situation is driving me bonkers. The revered Smithsonian…

Margaret Fryer

23+ Bad Things Happen When You Smartphone

23+ Ways to Tell:  Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone? Research study recommends it’s unlikely that smartphones or base stations…

Margaret Fryer

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