Mindfulness Way to Happiness

What is Mindfulness?

What is the Meaning of Mindfulness?

 Mindfulness is shown by people WHO LOVE

YOU to Remind you to SLOW DOWN

  1. Stop and smell the flowers

  2. Take a deep breath

  3. Take 10 deep breaths

  4. Go away and think about it

  5. Slow down


It is cultivated by refining our capacity to pay attention,

intentionally, in the present moment, and then sustaining

that attention over time as best we can. In the process, we

become more in touch with our life as it is unfolding. Do

you find you never have a minute during the day, let alone

10 – 15? I just used to come home from work feeling like a zombie.

I always had a nap after tea on the sofa and still went to  

bed around 10 pm after preparation for the next day was


A young doctor is responsible for turning ancient Buddhist practice into a palatable non-secular prescription for Western minds. He went to India looking for enlightenment and came home with a practice that is wonderful in its versatility.

photo of Jon Kabat-Zinn

John Kabat-Zinn (founder of

MBSR – Mindfulness-Based

Stress Reduction) found that

his patients suffering severe

pain benefited from

Mindfulness Meditation and he and others spread the

practice to the general public.

(Mindfulness Meditation Training is very simple to learn. Jon Kabat-Zinn honed his skills while living in Buddhist camps in India. Buddhist meditators show through brain scans while meditating to have higher results on scales of Happiness.)

 This site  is for anyone who wants to be happier through the practice of
Mindfulness. I chose to concentrate this site on full-time workers because I was
one myself for 25 years. I know pretty much all about the high highs and low lows
of having to interact with people day in and day out. However if you know
someone who needs a way to find peace 
in this frazzled world, feel free to share this site with them.

The Journey begins:

Will you take the leap?

WARNING!   Mindfulness can change the habits of a lifetime

Can you arrive somewhere without remembering anything about the journey?

car speeding along the road no Mindfulness


Do you drink the latte you bought but drain the cup without even tasting it?


coffee on the go lacks Mindfulness

Are you too busy to stop and smell the flowers?

Daisies in a field

Learn a bit more about yourself with this checkup:

Mindfulness Quiz – based on the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn

Here is a quick weather check on your feelings at the moment:

Do you feel frazzled most of the time?


Do you rush from home to work and home again?


Do you dread opening your inbox?


Have you given up old hobbies because of pressure of work?


Do you often feel you are just not good enough?


Do you lose sleep at night for ideas going round and round in your head?


Are you impatient and cross with family and friends because you feel tense?


Are you eating or drinking more than you used to?


If you say YES to three or more, you need Mindfulness Way to Happiness in your life to enhance your Happiness. OR didn’t you answer YES even once? I believe you are kidding yourself.

Mindfulness Meditation Training is easily accessible. All

you have to do is take a chance and see what it is all

about. Once you get the idea, you can plainly see how

Mindfulness and meditation can be applied to benefit many

of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Mindfulness

changes your brain.

You will find Happiness in everyday things through [

Mindfulness Meditation training. You may well find you like

yourself better. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

But it is not about doing things to change. It’s more about being still so you become much more aware of what is inside and outside of your body.


Remember to ask for the free book, “Mindfulness in Plain English,” when you add your details below. I will make sure you get it asap.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn


logo for Mindfulness Way to Happiness

logo for Mindfulness Way to Happiness

6 thoughts on “What is Mindfulness?

Tracy |

  1. Dear Mara,

    Thank you for the sensitive response you gave my site. I am trying to resist any temptations to stick any distracting ads. My site is only two months old. I resonate with your feelings of impatience when my subscribers are so tiny in number. Actually, I am blogging to let it all hang out and tell my story. I would like to break even for my expenses but I see you have to get feisty to get anywhere.

    Can you see anything I could improve or anything that seems confusing? Surely there is something.

    Thanks again for your help and you are welcome to come back anytime as the website (if not the traffic) grows.


  2. What a great little quiz! That alone is enough to get me thinking about where my priorities really lie. I think my main problem is impatience – or wanting to get there quicker than is realistic given all the things I have going on in my life. Also, when things don;t go to plan I get anxious. I can admit that this has always been a source of stress for me, when I’ve spent time and effort to plan out something and then poof! – something else happens and everything goes out the window. I think this is lack of mental resilience maybe. What do you think? Anyway, I think I will benefit from reading more about mindfulness.

  3. Thank you so much, Beryl. You have made my day. I know there are a few weird things and I have tried to pinpoint them. I am so afraid I will push a button and everything will go pear shaped. I might have to end up paying for some help. Or maybe have a practice on one of my unused sites. Thank you again.


  4. Hi Tracy,

    I really enjoyed looking around and reading all the interesting information on mindfulness on your website. You have really accomplished a lot in your lifetime and also been through a lot.

    You may want to check your website, it is showing strange things below your copyright. Here is what I copied to paste here so you could see what I saw.
    It would not allow me to post the link it showed here in the comments, but this other information shows at the bottom of your pages, and the below info on the bottom of your about me page.

    More than one instance of Sumo is attempting to start on this page. Please check that you are only loading Sumo once per page.

    I am intending to look into the practice of mindfulness, and thanks for all the great information.


  5. M glad that you are so positive about my website. I don’t think I will ever run out of material to share. I hope no pop ups happened because people con convinced me they are annoying. My traffic is still tiny, but I will learn more strategies to build it. Thanks very much, Penelope.



  6. Mindfulness is definitely something that we all need more of in our lives. The pace of life is just incompatible with quiet contemplative moments. I’m glad you’re going to share what you know about mindfulness, and I hope it will help others juggling a million and one tasks, kids, pets, spouses, bosses, and inner self-critics!


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