Mindfulness Meditation Saved the Thai Soccer Team

No more Useful skill to have than Mindfulness Meditation
This week we heard about the 13 people trapped in a warren of caves. It was meant to be a celebration after a winning soccer season and also one boy’s birthday. Instead, the popular caving site seemed destined to become a mortuary.


When I heard that, I must admit I heart sank at the chances of those people escaping. It was the monsoon season and heavy rain caused the cave tunnels to fill with water.

I know that many of you, as I did, couldn’t help but sense the terror of being trapped inescapably. I felt sudden sympathetic panic rising within my chest. How awful for the parents keeping a vigil at the mouth of the cave.

I curse modern communication at times like this. Before all the news devices took over the planet, I would never hear about all this atrocities and tragedies that happen. Stories across the world on our screens can’t do anything to help. For some it makes us count our blessings. For other it a grizzly curiosity. This is why I, personally, don’t watch the news anymore. We can get so hardened watching war, murder, fraud, and incompetence that we just shrug our shoulders when the next big thing hits the headlines. What’s news today has been displaced as the headline by the following day. But the Thai drama seemed to catch the public imagination. Why?

When news comes and goes so indifferently, the news about the Thai boys lasted for two weeks. I didn’t think they could be alive.

First of all, emergencies services all over the world gathered to offer their expertise in this daunting task. The fact that many people worked together to fashion the rescue and carry out at their own risk was amazing. Why couldn’t our whole planet work this way to solve the major issues facing us?

And they were successful. There were great relief and joy all around. As a parent, it kind of makes me want to weep.

“Look at how calm they were sitting there waiting. No one was crying or anything. It was astonishing,” the mother of one of the boys told the AP, referring to a widely shared video of the moment the boys were found.”

News from the boys said that their coach had done some training to be a monk. The meditation that he taught them kept them calm and able to stand the grinding possibilities of their fate, not knowing there were people hard at work trying to rescue them. One might call it a miracle. Although I was very worried about them, I thought this case might make it clear to doubters of Mindfulness.

Under questioning, The boys said it was the coach, the erstwhile monk, who helped them stay calm. Do remember these children were ordinary, not trained in Buddhism. Mindfulness Meditation worked for them. The stress of being trapped in a cave with no prospect of a way out must have bee terrifying.

Mindfulness Meditation helped them to survive. Could it do the same for you?  No one is free of cares and anxieties. Mindfulness Meditation can and will enhance your daily life if you let it.

An unexpected accident happened to the Thai soccer team. With no experience, children were open to meditation and wanted to do it, little knowing it would save their lives.



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