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The Real Deal – Free Formal Meditation

Today is the day after 18 months that I feel I am ready to show you how to practice meditation in the most comfortable healing way I have ever known. It’s comfier than my bed or the overstuffed armchair, it is better than the deepest sleep or your favourite movie.

Buddhist monk at mindfulness prayer in red gownWhat you thought about Meditating:

Perhaps, this is the bit that made you skeptical of Mindfulness in the first place because you associated it with chanting in orange robes and shaving your head. But none of this is a requirement for giving yourself the gift of a little bit of time to give yourself a short check-up.

The truth about Meditating:

If you finish your session, one of the best things about Mindfulness is that you look back on and reflect on your experience. In a way, doing that is a way to collect your thoughts and head back to work. Some of the calming attitude may stay with you, becoming part of your informal practice. Will your colleagues notice the change or your family? Quite possibly, even in the early days of Meditation.

You remember that I said I hadn’t gained any certification in teaching Mindfulness. I still feel as strongly as ever that no one should set themselves up as an expert in anything, especially the brain. If there is now proof that the brain has neuroplasticity, then It must follow that there the possibility that practice will not be effective, or could even do damage if it isn’t taught effectively.

Where to go from here with Mindfulness:

So I need you to trust me that my extensive experience of Mindfulness Meditation to suggest the teachers in the business. I want to introduce you to eMindful. This site has been running since the early 2000’s. It is a mixture of free and paid for Meditations mostly lasting between 15 and 30 minutes or longer as you choose.

The address is eMindful.com. You have to register, but it is free forever. Once on the site, go to ON DEMAND at the top of the screen. Then click on the redhead. Then you are at the short 14 minutes 1% of your daily meditation.

I know all of these meditations. I can absolutely assure you that the presenters are certified and experienced. You may follow a sequence for a week or you may jump around. As I have done, you can repeat the same one over and over. You can speak them in your mind, which is the first step to independent practice.

Also, have a look around the site and see what challenges and offers are on at the moment. I must tell that I will soon earn a small commission from every sale I make, but it is nothing compared to the years of research and evaluation I have spent constructing this site. I only want the best for my clients. I would like you to become as enthusiastic as I am about Mindfulness.


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