Mindfulness Way to Happiness

Can Mindfulness be the Answer?

How MMMellowing Can Change Your Life Present study approximates that the ordinary individual has more than 60,000 ideas each day, 90 percent which are duplications of our ideas from the other day. Individuals invest practically half their time stressing, and also 90 percent of those […]

8 Questions to Your Sanity

8 Questions to Your Sanity   Learn a bit more about yourself with this checkup:                  Mindfulness Quiz Here is a quick weather check on your feelings at the moment  — Do you feel frazzled most of the […]

Mindfulness of Babies

Babies show Beginner’s Mindfulness Naturally   Aren’t babies delightful? Yes and no, depending. But all normal babies have this trait, much as it drives their carers crazy sometimes…     This is one technique in your Mindfulness toolbox you will appreciate as much as I […]

A Formal Mindfulness Practice

The second type of Mindfulness Practice I haven’t pushed this aspect of Mindfulness mainly because I don’t want to scare off people who would benefit from learning this practice. These are the ones who are leaning towards trying the practice but are still suspicious of the […]