Mindfulness Way to Happiness

Is Mindfulness Science or Woo Woo?

   Mindfulness researchers What have you heard about Mindfulness? Do you think that there is any sound basis for Mindfulness Science that has been tested rigorously or is it Woo Woo stuff that people only imagine doing any good in their lives? If you don’t […]

Baking Your Way to Calm

Mindfulness Baking Therapy – YUM As well as helping individuals tackle some their bad habits, Mindfulness can enhance any activity you choose like baking. (I have even pegged out the washing mindfully!) Food preparation and baking ranks as one of the most enjoyable and creative […]

23+ Bad Things Happen When You Smartphone

23+ Ways to Tell:  Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone? Research study recommends it’s unlikely that smartphones or base stations enhance the danger of problems of health. This is the advice released by the National Health Service UK. There’s still some uncertainty regarding the potential […]