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I offer a meditation right away so you teachers may gain peace for a short time of meditation during the school day. With lots more to come on my website.

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I can help you transition into becoming a Mindfulness practitioner. I will give you free some valuable Mindfulness strategy materials as well as recommend the best resources and outside courses.

I am a seasoned teacher of 25+ years within the primary education sector, teaching children from 6 years to 12 years. I have also been a victim of stress and burnout, as some of you teachers out there have experienced as well. I am living proof that recovery is certainly possible. For me, mindfulness has been an essential tool for being able to pull back from the edge.

When I became overwhelmed with work, I was teaching African djembe drumming and Japanese Taiko drumming to parents and pupils at lunchtimes. After school, I was working to get my schooled qualified as a Fairtrade School, a Rights Respecting School and advanced level in our Partnership with Kitwetwe Primary School, near Masindi in Uganda. With all this, I became aware that we had enough evidence to achieve the International School Award as well. This is all in addition to my full Primary 5 class teacher commitment and my own two daughters undergoing high-school national exams.

You could wonder why I didn’t take myself by the scruff of the neck and make myself drop something. The truth is that I found my busy life truly enjoyable. And I knew I would be very proud to be the first school in Scotland to have all these awards. Surely you have had a similar experience?

In hindsite, I should have asked for blocks of free time and some colleagues to help. Like you would, I thought it was a finite time span and it would be soon over. We got all I hoped for. Then I simply and meteorically crashed and suffered a breakdown that lasted for roughly 2 years. It was a sad time. Have you been overwhelmed by work in your career?

Someone gave me some sheets about Mindfulness when I was starting to recover. It piqued my interest because I read that Mindfulness can prevent relapse in many cases if practiced daily.

Maybe the details of my illness will be revealed if you want me share them. Sheer misery.

Mindfulness undoubtedly helped me to recover. I have survived burnout in much better shape than I was before my apocalypse. Oh, btw, almost a year after I had fully recovered, I was diagnosed with cancer. That was 6 years ago. Nothing like being hit with a second whammy. Mindfulness helped me through the operation and chemo. I am a survivor in more ways than one.

I want to spread the word about the benefits of Mindfulness. Teachers should not face a crisis that I did. You want to be on your toes so you can enjoy the good bits of teaching, when you and your pupils have those wonderful ‘aha’ moments. Join me and we will all feel even better. Tracy

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