Cut yourself Loose from Your Smartphone


  • There is a well-known saying is ‘Stop to smell the flowers’  People with their noses in their smartphones are noticing NOTHING.

An old lady said that looking at objects was never ever time wasted due to the fact that her mindful responses to Nature have actually continued to stay with her. It makes “an older female’s still days pleasurable as opposed to boring.”

She is I the habit of picking out objects outdoors and studying them as if for the first time. Being attached to your smartphone will reward you with none of these benefits: Viewing with Beginner’s Mind will it improve your cognitive capabilities and help focus on your feelings. it will also aid you to remembering things in future. In fact medical doctors believe Dementia can be staved off by concentrating on such brain centred activities.

It has been found that a short 8 weeks of practicing mindfulness developed remarkable modifications in individuals’ brains.

The research studies reported reduced activity in the amygdala, whereas in various other locations

— the prefrontal cortex, the insula, the cingulate cortex as well as the hippocampus– there was enhanced activity and boosted connections with others.

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  • Can you remember the last time you stopped to take in your surroundings?

— without videoing anything on your phone, without being blind to exactly what you observe, and without talking with somebody else at the same time? For a lot of us, it’s possibly been a very long time since we stopped “simply to look”. This is a sorry mistake. It’s costing us much — in regard to satisfaction, quality of the view and the feeling of identification. Mindfulness exercises for anxiety will reduce addiction and frustration with your phone. I do not own a smartphone and I can tell you that life is definitely worth living!

Last October, at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam  researchers performed an organised evaluation of research studies that had made use of MRI mind scanning to analyse neurological modifications in people that had joined the eight-week course of mindfulness training.

  • Mindfulness teaches us to pay complete attention non-judgmentally to one’s present experience — to put it simply, just observing:

    – The cingulate gyrus assists to manage our feelings. With it, we discover how to anticipate as well as stay clear of negative effects.– The amygdala, the one area that revealed much less activity after a program of mindfulness, relates to unfavourable feelings such as temper, anxiety and also unhappiness. If the amygdala isn’t really turned on, we really feel calmer as well as more secure as opposed to anxious and/or hostile.– The prefrontal cortex, among the 4 locations that revealed a boost in activity complying with mindfulness technique, aids our concentration and interest. It likewise readies psychological responses and capacity to prepare in advance.– The insula is the seat of self-awareness both physical and  psychological. It additionally contributes in our capability to empathise with others..-The hippocampus assists us browse spatially,

Together, these brain areas comprise the centres of psychological hierarchy. They promote our capacity for forming strategies as well as putting down lasting memories. The researchers assessed the program and found these locations are all raised when we simply observe our environments non-judgmentally. Along with these advantages, we’re much more aware of what’s occurring around us. This is something that’s crucial to our feeling of identification as well as satisfaction throughout our lives, even more so as we grow older and assess the life we have actually lived.

  • This is one method in your Mindfulness toolkit you will certainly value as much as I do. Babies are Mindfulness novices from about from about one year old onwards. They show natural born Mindfulness, which is typically overtaken by the time a youngster goes to college. This is not al hard and fast rule but it comes from my own observations. With the smartphones epidemic, children may lose their inborn Mindfulness attitude even earlier.



Matilda staring at the goats with Mindfulness


Here is the first time Matilda has seen goats.  Even at the distance from the camera, you can see she is totally fixated on the animals and trying to absorb every little detail. I know when she is studying something new, it is virtually impossible to get her attention. She is, for all intents and purposes, deaf.

  • You should try noticing and  inspecting a new or old object.

See if you feel any emotion stemming from this new/old means of looking. With luck, this sensation of pleasure and wonder will certainly stay with you and, if you like the feelings, you will attempt it time and again.

With the technique of Mindfulness, we wish to follower those embers of a long-lost feeling of exploration that was all-natural to us when we were young and interested. Take a look at another picture of my granddaughter. The flower she has holds a fascinating attraction for her. She is attempting to take in every detail she can see, feel, touch and, if she dared, taste. She does not listen to anybody calling her, she is concentrating so hard.


Baby Matilda studying a flower with Mindfulness

The thing you fix your Beginner’s mind on doesn’t have to be living. When I stand at the bus stop in winter, I search for the highest leaf still holding on to the branch or spy a single bird singing its heart out. Or how the stones fit together in the ancient wall over the road, discovering by the layout that there use to be a door there.

When we are out about, we might believe there is absolutely nothing we have not seen before. Set your curious mind to study with Beginner’s Mind. You may end up making it a habit.

It’s rarely we can learn so much from an infant!

What the Social Media on your smartphone does to your brain:

Until I started my blog last year, I was not a member of any social media. Right now, I simply look on my own pages to see what is going on. (Margaret Fryer sitting in an outdoor chair sipping coffee – I have forgotten the address 1 and my business page mindfulnesswaytohappiness. And of course other peoples’ posts appear on my page and sometimes I reply to a comment.

Without a phone all the time we would enjoy the benefits of Mindfulness to much greater extent. 

But I know myself that many people use their phones all the time – on the tube, walking on the pavement, during a movie, at the dinner table, the list is endless. No one could spell it out as simply and as frighteningly as Jaron below. He has worked in Silicon Valley for many years and has an eight-year old son. I don’t feel I have been caught up and manipulated by the algorithms but today is the first I have heard of them trying to ensnare me. I am quite incensed.

The big software companies have it in their power to change the sinister design of social media, but I would be very surprised if they did. Meanwhile the negative will be the most viewed and depressing.

Jaron  Lanier has been named one of the 100 most influential people. I recommend you listen to Jaron Lanier even though he looks like a New Age Hippy.  He says he isn’t as he explains on Channel 4 News in detail what is going on in your head if you overuse of social media on smartphones. He is a media philosopher and and composer. What he explains I find particularly frightening. Studies have shown that social media can cause depression. Is this what you want for yourself and your loved ones?

He looks like a weirdo but he makes absolute sense to me!

Does reading this blog article make you wish you could reduce your dependence on your phone so you won’ t be manipulate and so you can be YOU?

I can talk about this infinitum from my own experience, but the main thing to do is to ask yourself, “Do I need to log on to my phone right now?” or “Can I do something else more worthwhile?”

I would like to add that the idea that my phone will decide to turn on the heating absolutely horrifies.  I am the age when if it became chilly I would put on a jumper as and when I needed it,  not to override my timer on my phone to get the heat up. In fact, I could run on at length about how the phones may actually weld biologically to your hand. It can mess with your brain.

That hand has become as useless  as an amputee’s. I own but do not carry a basic phone which I never remember to put it in my bag. Remember the old days when you went shopping in the city. You expected to get loss. When I wander around London because I do not have a good sense of direction (in fact, it sucks). I have discovered wonders that I never would have seen. With a phone in my hand, I would have my nose glued to my phone’s GPS, missing the accidentals of note.

The expense for a phone like all your pals have is through the roof. I have jewellery which is valued at less the most phones cost  But I wouldn’t wear it out doors. I was slightly surprised when my daughter tucked a necklace I was wearing inside my dress. OK – it was London at night. What’s the point of putting something special on? The number of phones I see sticking way out of the person’s back pocket, ready to be snatched.

If you can’t bear to part with your phone, at least put it away for a few hours a day, especially around children. The world won’t end,


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