Neuroscientists Hit the Top of the Music Charts

Song to Reduce Anxiety by 65%

Many factors these days all add to our anxiety resulting in people being threatened by deep feelings of insecurity. It’s hard to mature in this atmosphere and it is quite unsurprising that our frantic lifestyles cause anxiety.

Neuroscientists have found a song that reduces anxiety by 65%, and it is currently going viral (LISTEN).
Stress and anxiety are the horrible sensations of panic, concern, worry and dread. It is so common that over 30% of individuals in between the ages of 18 and 54 are influenced by anxiety disorders in the United States alone, where research has been carried out.

According to a well known journal, “the rise of innovation, overly-protective parenting and also ‘exam-factory’ education are among the reasons psychologists blame for our generational agony.”.
It involves not only the workplace but also the education and learning system. Stress and anxiety have actually been reported to hold in its grasp 41 percent of staff members from various sectors. Currently the majority of college students are seeking assistance with their stress and anxiety problems.

The song below is unique as it not only reduces anxiousness by 65%, it also causes an exceptional state of peace. Before we get to the song, I will give you a quick introduction to stress and anxiety as well as how to battle against it.

It’s clear that stress and anxiety has ended up being the top mental health issue in North America and probably the world over. People with anxiety are 3-5 times more likely to consult a medical professional as well as 6 times more likely to be hospitalised for anxiety-related psychiatric conditions than non-sufferers.

An additional problem that causes stress and anxiety currently is the frustrating number of choices we all have to make. While this is the bi-product of financial progress and the development of innovation, having myriad selections makes it difficult to make decisions. When there’s so much stress on people’s self-esteem with our society seeming to evaluate peoples’ every move, this trouble is especially intense at certain times in our lives.

Pharmaceutical companies do especially well out of this, with 65% of North Americans taking prescription drugs everyday and also 43% taking state of mind modifying prescriptions longterm.

How can you fight against anxiety?

The standard techniques of dealing with anxiety are drugs as and counselling.

Another approach to generating feelings of relaxation that isn’t often cited is music therapy.

Neuroscientists have developed a tune that, established in collaboration with sound therapists, causes a deeper state of calm in the listener than all other songs that have ever been analysed.

Produced in collaboration with audio specialists, the tune is made to slow down the heart rate, lower high blood pressure as well as lower levels of anxiety.

Tests reveal that paying attention to this track causes a significant 65% decrease in an individuals’s general anxiety levels.

The name of the song is ‘Weightless’ and was created by Marconi Union

Here is the track. Make certain to listen with headphones. Please consider sharing the song with someone who you think would like listening to it.

Nevertheless, in most cases regular practice that leads to a state of relaxation is an very effective way of taking care of your anxiety levels. Techniques that improve your relaxation are massage therapy, meditation and yoga exercise.

How cool is that? There is a 30 minute version and a 10-hour one on YouTube.

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